Serial Killer gets what he deserves


A man who Texas authorities say smothered at least two dozen elderly women in a two-year killing spree, while stealing possibly millions of dollars worth of jewelry and other valuables, was himself murdered on Tuesday morning by a prison cellmate, according to the state’s criminal justice department.

Billy Chemirmir, 50, worked as an in-home caregiver and posed as a maintenance worker to gain access to luxury independent living communities in and around Dallas. He’d gain access to the apartments of seniors then force a pillow over their face, smothering them to death before raiding the apartment of its valuables to pawn or sell online.

He was convicted of capital murder once in April of last year and again in October in two separate cases in Dallas county. After securing those two convictions, Dallas prosecutors dropped additional charges against him and opted not to seek the death penalty.

Because he was not on death row, Chemirmir had a cellmate at the Coffield Unit prison in east Texas. That cellmate, who Texas prison authorities did not name on Tuesday, was identified as Chemirmir’s killer. Guardian

Most of Chemirmir’s alleged victims lived in apartments at independent living communities for older people. The women he’s accused of killing in private homes include the widow of a man he had cared for while working as an at-home caregiver.

Kenyan convicted murderer and suspected serial killer accused of the murders of elderly women in Dallas, Texas and its surrounding suburbs.