This is GROSS! And it’s permitted in the USA

Smithfield Foods, which is headquartered in Virginia and owned by the Chinese corporation WH Group, has a pig “farm” in North Carolina where this video was taken. The man who recorded the footage was fired.

Smithfield officials insist their production process adequately removes this plastic from the final feed.

“What you don’t see in that video are vacuums that remove the packaging, the plastic,” said Jim Monroe, a vice president of corporate affairs at Smithfield Foods. “We’ve got specialized equipment that does that. It removes the plastics and other packaging from the baked goods.”

Monroe summarized the TikToks as “misleading.” 

Asked if the vacuums catch all the plastic materials, Emmanuel Moore responded via Facebook messenger: “No lol the vacs do not get all the trash and particles out. They are lying. I fixed them daily and unclogged the lines daily.”

With no independent governmental agency checking feed for plastics, it’s difficult to definitively settle who is correct. Fayetteville Observer


This is what they feed pigs in centralized feeding operations that are owned by the worlds largest food corporations.

While the FDA/USDA is destroying and bankrupting Amish farmers because they won’t comply with their bullshit authority, preventing them from selling clean grass fed organic raw milk or quality meat products, they don’t give a single f–k and sit idly by without question while these major feeding operations, owned by the largest food companies, are giving their pigs literal garbage that’s still in it’s packing that’s full of plastics, heavy metals, forever chemicals, pesticides, food colorings, and god knows what else.

So where do you think all these toxins go when a pig eats this food packaging that’s rich in PFOA, PFAS, BPA, etc?

It goes right to it’s tissues and body fat, which then goes into your tissues and body fat if you eat it.

You are what you eat, and also what your food eats. This is why I’m a huge proponent of quality animal foods garnered from local farmers that feed their animals properly and with genuine care for their health and well being. Good farmers care about the soil quality, environment, feed, everything.

If money is tight, I think conventional beef is a net value overall and fine to get, but most of the store bought pork and chicken is not with few exceptions – you want pasture raised or heirloom ideally, but it’s expensive. Most conventional chickens and pigs are fed toxic GMO diets, put in abhorrent conditions stacked on top of each other, showered in pesticides, given tons of antibiotics to fatten them up quicker, and many many vaccinations.

If you want to eat economically, buying in bulk is key. Get yourself a large chest freezer, and buy 1/4 or 1/2 a cow that will last you months. It saves you a tremendous amount of money in the long run, and you get quality meat that is an investment in your future health.

Source and quality matter a lot in this very toxic world, and it’s well worth the effort to find it.