Is this the end of the Republic?

When I was a kid (admittedly a long time ago) free speech was sacrosanct.

We were taught in school about freedom and the right to express differing political views.

There was even a court case that allowed real Nazis (not the fake ones that the left always accuses us of being) to march in Skokie, Illinois, a predominantly Jewish suburb of Chicago.

We were allowed to speak our mind and let the chips fall where they may.  You could be socially ostracized, but you had the right to speak.  And government had no right or ability to stop you.

Sometimes, as in Skokie, that right to freedom of speech was abused.  But it was a right.  So we lived with it.

Today, however, not so much.

The rot that takes place in our schools has somehow taken free speech and turned it on its head.  And it’s getting worse…

If we’re not allowed to say things that might hurt someone on the left’s feelings, our nation is done.  Only one side will be allowed to say what they think.   And it ain’t us.