Broadcaster: “WEF are open about Social Credit Plans. Their test worked.”

Australian broadcaster, Cory Bernardi, explains in this short clip how Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum buddies intend to use a carbon footprint based social credit system to track and control every single detail of your life, under the guise of tackling the imaginary “climate crisis”.

Bernardi says the WEF has been “upfront” about its “agenda” for the public. “WEF founder Klaus Schwab even wrote about it in a book entitled the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution – that’s where you’ll own nothing and be happy,” Mr Bernardi said.

“These same leaders celebrate movements that rely on deceit, destruction and chaos to divide society while a largely compliant media mostly report only the official interpretation of events. He said “agents of political change” are now so emboldened they will “happily lie and seem to have no fear of being exposed”.

“They will misrepresent everything, from war to science, from economics to biology, in order to condition you to endorse what is unacceptable,” Mr Bernardi said. “These things are being done before our very eyes, and yet, most people refuse to see.”