US finally wakes up to major threat to energy security – Congress wakes up to her stunt.


US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said the world is up against a dominant supplier of critical minerals that is willing to exploit its position for political gain, in remarks apparently aimed at China, and warned that energy security will become increasingly complex due to the transition to cleaner power.

The remarks to high-level government officials, executives and academics came Thursday in Paris at the International Energy Agency’s first-ever meeting about critical minerals. Granholm and other speakers repeatedly implied that one country — China — controls much of the world’s processing of materials used in everything from electric vehicles and wind turbines to missile guidance systems.

Also Granholm…

The House Oversight Committee launched an investigation Tuesday into a summer electric-vehicle road trip taken by Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm meant to promote the Biden administration’s green energy agenda.

But Ms. Granholm‘s four-day excursion in June included a tense altercation with local law enforcement after a staffer used a gas-powered vehicle to save an EV charger for the secretary, boxing out a family with an EV waiting for a charger on a hot summer day.

“This taxpayer-funded publicity stunt illustrates yet again how out of touch the Biden administration is with the consequences of policies it has unleashed on everyday Americans,” Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, Kentucky Republican, and fellow panel member Rep. Pat Fallon, Texas Republican, wrote in a letter to Ms. Granholm.

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