Animal believed extinct for over 100 years – found in chicken coop!


The tiger quoll, also known as the spotted-tail quoll, the spotted quoll, the spotted-tail dasyure, native cat or the tiger cat, is a carnivorous marsupial of the quoll genus Dasyurus native to Australia. With males and females weighing around 3.5 and 1.8 kg, respectively, it is the world’s second-largest extant carnivorous marsupial, behind the Tasmanian devil.

Now in a real turn up, this adorable species of marsupial not seen for over a century, has been caught by a farmer.

The spotted-tailed quoll—also known as the tiger quoll—was last seen in South Australia in the 1880s. Somehow, one of these marsupials ended up captured in a trap meant to catch the creature that had been harassing a trout farmer’s chickens. Instead of finding a feral cat or fox as expected, Pao Ling Tsai discovered the assumed-extinct quoll.