It begins…The retaliation

Gaza is 141 square miles in size. Hamas, the Islamist militant group, took control of it in 2007. 

On Saturday, Shabbat and a High Holiday in Israel a highly coordinated and barbaric Hamas attack stunned the world. It was a colossal failure of the intelligence agencies to be caught so off-guard as Hamas terrorists came into Israel by using paragliders, through an amphibious operation at the Mediterranean Sea and on land along the border. Over 100 people were taken hostage in Gaza, according to Israel’s ambassador to the UK.

Retaliation will “reach into every place Hamas is hiding” and turn those locations into ruins, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed in a late-night TV address. Israel’s military is calling up reservist soldiers, reinforcing positions and launching airstrikes on targets in Gaza. 

Anyone in areas where Hamas operates in the Gaza Strip should “leave those places now,” Netanyahu said. He added, “Israel will settle the score with anyone who harms them.”

Israeli airstrikes hit central Gaza City Saturday night, leveling a 14-story building that housed Hamas offices, as well as apartments, according to The Associated Press. The agency reports that Israel gave warning of the airstrike, and no casualties were reported.

The Lebanon-based Hezbollah militant group – one of the first to openly support the Hamas incursion – struck Israeli positions in a disputed area along the border with Syria’s Golan Heights and Israel responded with drone strikes on Hezbollah targets.

The situation now