While State Department wants to to do this to US citizens trapped in Israel, heroic Congressman goes it alone.

Stuck in Israel on a pilgrim trip or a business event? Sucks to be you. Just like in Afghanistan, the State department wants money to assist US Citizens to get out of harm’s way. Harm’s way that was absolutely unpredictable as the terrorist attack caught all agencies flatfooted including ours.

Note that State offers a loan to Americans to enter the United States but gives a loaded debit card to illegal arrivals at our border.
Note the may help

One man didn’t wait

Florida Rep. Cory Mills missed the first round of votes for a new Speaker of the House as he was in Israel hauling people out of dangerous areas and sending them home. An Iraq war veteran, Mills helped rescue 32 Americans trapped in Israel after it came under attack from Hamas terrorists over the weekend, the lawmaker said.

Mills, who served with the 82nd Airborne Division while deployed in Iraq, said he was unable to share more details about the rescue mission or its location due to operational concerns and constraints, the outlet reported. 

He did tell the station that some of the Americans he led to safety had become stuck in areas of the country that now lack a “permissible environment” for a full escape.

The lawmaker decided to go to Israel himself after noticing the Biden administration had not announced any on-the-ground plans to bring US citizens home. 

He did the same thing with trapped individuals in Afghanistan in 2021 after President Biden decided to withdraw from the country.

The Brits do it differently