Crazy election stuff going on behind the scenes at America’s Charities


Some crazy stuff is going on behind the scenes at America’s charities. Even though the IRS forbids charities from getting involved in elections, crafty political operatives have been ignoring those rules to misuse charities to help Democrats win since 2016. Far from being the nonpartisan charitable organizations they claim to be, some of these nonprofits are quietly and heavily involved in partisan voter registration efforts.

After digging into this story for a couple of years Capital Research Center brings you the story of one such group: the Voter Registration Project, a charity tied to a larger effort called the Everybody Votes campaign.

This investigation reveals the shocking true story of the Everybody Votes campaign—the largest and most corrupt “charitable” voter registration effort in American history—that may have decided the 2020 presidential election and could decide 2024.

Commissioned by Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, funded by the Democratic Party’s biggest donors, and coordinated with cutthroat Democratic consultants, the Everybody Votes campaign used the guise of civic-minded charity to selectively register millions of “non-white” swing-state voters in the hopes of getting out the Democratic vote for a 2020 presidential win. It worked. It’s not just a scandal of the past either. The operation was so successful in 2020 that the Everybody Votes campaign has announced it will continue on through 2024, registering millions more.

New job listings suggest that this cycle’s operations will target Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin—each a must-win presidential swing state. Only time will tell if the campaign is a repeat success. Learn more at:

Reproduced with permission.