So are we building this wall or not?


We have been covering Biden’s approach to the wall on the southern border. As we know from a passing comment he does not think a wall would work. In fact, he has sold off Trump’s construction parts in a fire sale as we reported here. Then under pressure, last week he decided to waive 26 federal rules to permit construction to begin again.

Hey presto – one day later we get this! To stick to the Biden campaign promise and the votes of Greens, the entire security of our country is being sacrificed by selfish progressives who don’t understand the risks to Americans posed by the influx of military age men.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said on Thursday that the Biden Administration is bound by law to continue construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall and will continue to do so, despite growing Democratic criticism over the matter. 

“From day one, this Administration has made clear that a border wall is not the answer,” Mayorkas said in a statement on Thursday, saying that the administration has not changed its position on denouncing the wall. “That remains our position and our position has never wavered.”

Mayorkas says the recent move does not indicate any changes in the Biden Administration’s border policies and it was “taken out of context.”

Mayorkas says that the administration was legally obligated by Congress to use the money that was allocated for the wall construction in 2019, to continue to be used on its expansion. Mayorkas says they have asked Congress to “rescind” the money, but they have not, so they have to follow the law.

Biden was asked about the matter in the Oval Office on Thursday where he echoed Mayorkas.

“The money was appropriated for the border wall. I tried to get them to reappropriate it, to redirect that money,” Biden said. “They didn’t, they wouldn’t. And in the meantime, there’s nothing under the law other than they have to use the money for what it was appropriated. I can’t stop that.” MSN