Bidenomics Grade: F


Move over, Reaganomics. President Joe Biden is attempting to usher in the era of “Bidenomics.”

This economic theory – which rejects the idea of “trickle-down” policies in favor of focusing on the middle class – will be a centerpiece of Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign. The president highlighted the achievements he’s attributing to Bidenomics in a major speech in Chicago on Wednesday.

Growing the economy from the middle out and the bottom up – not the top down – is Biden’s mantra. CNN Wed June 28, 2023

How it’s going

We loved this summary!

🔴 Jan 2021 Biden inauguration, cancels the Keystone XL pipeline.
Inflation rate 1.4%

🔴 March 2021 Biden signs $1.9 Trillion Covid relief bill
Inflation rate 2.6%

🔴 July 2021 Democrats propose $3.9 Trillion budget plan.
Inflation rate 5.4%

🔴 November 2021 Biden signs $1 Trillion infrastructure package.
Inflation rate 6.8%

🔴 March 2022 Biden delivers his first SOFU.
Inflation rate 7.9%

🔴 April 2022 Announces student loan forgiveness.
Inflation rate 8.3%

🔴 May 2022 acknowledges baby formula supply problem
Inflation rate 8.6%

🔴 June 2022 gas prices surge.
Inflation rate 9.1%

We can’t afford any more “building back better” 😏


Biden’s administration sold off more than 40 percent of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve last year to help limit rising fuel prices after Russia invaded Ukraine, leaving the stockpile at its lowest levels since the early 1980s. That’s fueling Republican accusations that Biden has left the U.S. vulnerable to a disruption of global oil supplies — at a time when Hamas’ terrorist attacks in Israel are stoking fears of a wider regional war disrupting fuel shipments from the Middle East.