Poland has been a conservative voice of reason – but that’s all about to end

Poland is famous for its stand against political correctness, unfettered immigration and its Christian faith. So much so, that this video montage comparing it with France was produced over the weekend. But sadly, it looks as though this is all about to change.

On Sunday, elections were held. One of the contenders is Donal Tusk. He is a Polish politician, former Prime Minister of Poland who was President of the European Council in the period 2014-2019. Yesterday he claimed victory in Poland’s parliamentary election on Sunday just minutes after the polls closed, based on the results of an exit poll. The exit poll suggested the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party had won the most votes, with 36.6%, and Tusk’s Civic Coalition got 31%. But two groups that could form a coalition with Tusk also did well, with 13.5% for the centre-right Third Way and 8.6% for the leftwing Lewica

As a WEF acolyte, it is almost certain that he will allow the country to be flooded, impoverished and weakened by immigrants. The self-destructing EU experiment is dying but they still have a few countries left to infect on their way down.

“This a clear victory for the opposition forces,” Nils Schmid, foreign policy spokesman for Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Social Democrats in the Bundestag, told Bloomberg. “It is a victory for the democratic and pro-European forces in Poland, which can now restore the rule of law and media freedom in the country.”