Why won’t the other Arab nations help?


    Remember: The Israeli government has repeatedly–AS AN OFFICIAL POLICY POSITION–offered a peaceful two-state solution with the Palestinians. The Palestinian government has–AS AN OFFICIAL POLICY POSITION–rejected such solutions and has AN OFFICIAL POLICY that Israel must be wiped off the map and the Jews exterminated.

    Also: The top leadership of Hamas, which is currently holding American hostages in Gaza, reside in Doha.

    Does this partly explain why no one wants a Palestinian refugee?

    Gaza shares a border with Egypt. To keep Gazans out, Egypt built massive parallel walls and a super-strength steel underground wall. One wall is made of concrete, goes 20 feet high as well as underground. The other is stone. In addition to the above/underground walls, the area is patrolled by the military. There is only one checkpoint to get in to the country and it’s heavily guarded. Right now they are working around the clock to ensure no one can get through.

    The President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas stated during a phone call with U.S. President Biden that the actions of Hamas do not represent the Palestinian People and that he condemns their recent attack on Southern Israel. It is true that Hamas is vicious to the Palestinians who live in Gaza and who voted for them to become their rulers. There are many legitimately good Palestinians although the brainwashing starts early and most residents of the Gaza Strip support their government.

    So what do we do with the refugees and displaced persons? Can they find a nook in the Gaza Strip where there is still water and food? Or do they leave and become displaced refugees?

    In most parts of the world this would have an easy answer. But somehow, the richer nations who could have lifted up Palestine from its days as a refugee camp, have always spurned it. And no is no exception.

    King Abdullah II of Jordan informed a meeting Tuesday with German Chancellor OIaf Scholz in Berlin neither Jordan nor Egypt would be willing to accept any refugees fleeing the Gaza Strip after Hamas terrorists used the West Bank as a base to attack Israel.

    The Jordanian king said the humanitarian situation must be dealt with inside Gaza and the West Bank and not be pushed into neighboring countries.

    TRANSCRIPT MARK LEVIN: It’s noteworthy that not a single Arab country has offered to accept Gaza Palestinians. Not one. And they are silent about Egypt keeping closed the main passageway for the Gaza Palestinians to leave Gaza, because Egypt doesn’t want Gaza Palestinians coming into their country. Want more? Hamas Nazi leadership in Qatar has not asked Qatar, or any Arab country, take any Gaza Palestinians. Nor have Qatar or the Hamas Nazi leadership asked Egypt to stop blocking Gaza Palestinians from leaving Gaza. Of course, the Egyptians could house hundreds of thousands of Gaza Palestinians in the Sinai Peninsula. And no doubt the international community would assist with temporary housing, food, etc. But this would mean that the Arab world actually wants to help Gaza Palestinians rather than use their propaganda machine to attempt to turn Israelis into oppressors.

    It’s also noteworthy that the American and European media don’t ask the Biden regime or the other leaders of countries around the world about any of this; they don’t even report it. Yet, because the Arabs will not provide refuge to the Gaza Palestinians, and because the Qatar-funded and Iran-funded Hamas wages war against Israel, and Israel must now lose Lord knows how many soldiers in urban warfare in Gaza, the media will report numbers, Israel will be told its response to the Hamas Nazis should be “proportionate,” and Blinken will continue to lecture Israel about rules of war when fighting terrorists who — by the way — are an exception to rules of war.



    Restoration of electricity, fuel, food, and water to 2,000,000 people is simple. Israel has said it will restore all utilities when Hamas releases the 150 innocent people — including infants — they kidnapped. That’s the choice Hamas is facing, and their decision proves they are working against both Israelis AND Palestinians