Famous Rapper Flames Biden for Vacation while World on Brink

Joe Biden is famous for his beach breaks but it’s unlikely this photo was taken in October. 50 cent, the rapper, maybe wasn’t aware how chilly Delaware can be! But he makes a good point as the president was indeed on a beach last weekend. In fact, Biden has spent roughly 40% of his time in office on vacation. 

While Biden may not have been lying on the beach, he was on another vacation at his Rehoboth Beach home in Delaware and was filmed walking across the sand with Dr. Jill.

All while tensions in the Middle East rise, riots are breaking out across America and the crisis at the Southern Border reaches new heights.

Many have expressed outrage over his planned trip of relaxation, as Hamas terrorists currently have no less than 30 American citizens held hostage in Gaza.

50cent later commented on his original Instagram post:

I have no political aspirations, I’m just thinking out loud. Help me with this, what do we do? I know I’m not the only one that can feel sh!t is getting out of control.