Ladies – Has this happened to you at a gas station? Be Careful!

Twice within the last month, I’ve been approached at two different gas stations by two different men who have walked up to me, credit card in hand, and asked if I could come over toward their car and help them figure out how to use their credit card at the gas pump. Not once did they ask for money, they asked me to follow them. In fact, the first one I briefly informed he had to leave his card in the machine until it told him to remove and he persisted, asking me to walk over and physically show him.

Both times I obviously declined and left ASAP, but this has never happened to me before. Now it’s happened twice in a month under totally different circumstances?? What adult owns a car but doesn’t know how to use a credit card at a gas pump?? I spoke with my friend, @BooyensJaco, who confirmed human trafficking is happening at gas stations at an accelerated rate, along with other crimes against women.

Ladies, PLEASE be vigilant, watch your six, & always be aware of your surroundings!

And ALWAYS be locked and loaded.

Guest Contributor

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