So, Gavin could do this for China but not for tax-payers? They hate you!

For years, Democrats said there was nothing more they could do to clean up cities. They lied. Look how fast they cleaned up San Francisco for a visit by premier Xi Jinping, China’s leader. Thanks, Gavin – you hate America.

The city is attempting to conceal its rampant homelessness crisis as it prepares to host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) trade summit from Saturday November 11 to November 17th. witnessed cops pushing homeless residents out, and sanitation workers conducting cleaning efforts in SoMa and Tenderloin ahead of the conference, which is expected to bring in over $50M in revenue. They bussed out the homeless to God knows where, hosed the feces off the streets and suddenly it looks great – for now.

By “fancy leaders” he means “communist dictators”…