DC’s Double Standards Favor Democrats

Last night (Nov 15th) pro-Palestinian protestors (or are they Hamas supporters?) rioted at the Democrat Party Headquarters in Washington, D.C. The Mayor, Democrat Muriel Bowser, used the full force of the D.C. police to shut down violence at the DNC.

As we recall recent riots, such as when the Trump White House was attacked, St. John’s Church was set afire, and our national monuments were defaced, the mayor gave protesters “space”. As we know, Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters are seldom checked. Will this riot be different? They came at their own, will they be punished for their disloyalty?

The Democrats own this.

NYC-DSA (Democratic Socialists of America)describes itself as “a multi-racial working class organization fighting for the better world we know is possible.” Well, they’re definitely fighting. Not where they could support the cause they believe is so important – but here where they can virtue signal their “caring” for Gaza’s residents who consistently vote for the Hamas terror organization to rule them.