Ireland has had it with unfettered immigration


As the world wakes up to the effects of multiculturalism the reactions are increasingly violent. National pride has been attacked as racism by the global cabal attempting to impose their will over sovereign nations. Wanting the homogenous – or assimilated – communities of our past sees us accused of bigotry. We are told the “melting pot” is bad but “stir fry” is good.

They sing the anthem, “Diversity is our strength”.

Turns out it’s actually our downfall. Immigrants who assimilate are welcome everywhere. Pockets of aliens who stick to their home country morals, laws and stigmas will only ever be a source of friction. When we import Third World people who won’t assimilate, we also import Third World problems.

Here, the usually peaceful people of Dublin have had enough. During this protest, which escalated into a full on riot the stores were looted. But not apparently by the Irish.

The cause?

The violence broke out after three young children and a woman were attacked in Parnell Square East in the north of Dublin city centre. Police detained a man in his 50s, who was also being treated for injuries, and said they were not seeking other suspects.

The incident happened at about 1.30pm on Thursday outside a school, Gaelscoil Choláiste Mhuire. Police said a five-year-old girl, a woman in her 30s and a man in his 50s sustained serious injuries. The girl was receiving emergency medical treatment. A five-year-old boy and a six-year-old girl were treated for less severe injuries. The boy was discharged from hospital

The gay, Indian prime minster, Leo Varadkar, who is pro-Palestine and pro-immigration has twisted the story and used the backlash as an opportunity to pass new hate speech laws. He says he will also pass laws to better use facial recognition to identify anyone who protested against the stabbings.

He said “Ireland is a country of migrants. Our public services wouldn’t operate without migration. There’d be nobody to look after the sick or to care for the old, certainly not enough people.”

He’s far more angry at the protestors than at the man who stabbed the Irish children.

It’s been brewing awhile

The best commentary on this- Gives a warning to US


I hope the rest of the UK and western world are paying attention to what is happening in Dublin, Ireland.
The tensions between Nationals and Foreigners were all so forseeable and avoidable. This is what happens when people are fed up with governments shoving diversity and multiculturalism down the throats of Nationals while labeling them as “far right racists” if they dare to voice concern about the rise of criminality in their comunities, the raping of their daughters and stabbing of their children💔

Ireland is almost 95% caucasian. Yet Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar decried that the Irish government is “very white” and need to be more “diverse”😏

I have come to realise that illegal immigration and diversity are weaponised by the Woke and globalist elite in todays society to destroy Nationalism in western countries and weaken the sense of identity.
Today’s ” Multiculturalism” are actually “anti-White policies” that have the countereffect of creating more resentment and anger toward immigrants while increasing the Racial divide between white and non-white🔥

Patriotism is powerful and National unity is the base of a solid country. A divided country is a weak and defenseless country which cannot survive any external attacks.

Diversity and immigration are only beneficial to a country if the immigrants assimilate to the culture of the country they join. If they reject it or hate it, then they become a threat to that country. It is that simple🔥

As long as “Diversity” is prioritised over the sense of “National Identity”, Chaos and racial division will continue to grow and handicap us al