Woke Muckraking Troll Gets Rekt When Truth Emerges!


This is a delicious story about just desserts. The Kansas City Chiefs* honor Native American traditions and have so far avoided the name change handed to the Washington Commanders. Their signature move from the stands is a tomahawk “chop” and their fans embrace the whole native culture. Few people more than this lad, Holden Armenta. In a tribal headdress he has painted his face half red and half black in the team’s colors.

Cue the online spoilsport and self-appointed culture police, Deadspin aka African American sports “journalist” Carron J. Phillips, searching for racism underneath every rock. Whining as only people of self-appointed privilege can, he calls for the NFL to censor this child for racism.

*Incidentally, it seems the team is named for a local dignitary, Harold Roe Bartle who was the mayor of Kansas City. He was nicknamed The Chief.

The fans unite

Things quickly turned out bad for him. First, X’s new “Community Notes” Feature flamed him for only showing one side of the kids face and deliberately provoking outrage where none should have existed.

Then the fans declared they’d support the keen kid with a massive show of red and black.

Then Mom spoke up

Turns out that Holden’s grandfather, Raul Armenta, is a Business Committee Member of the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians.

The federal government has officially recognized the Santa Ynez Reservation in Santa Barbara County since December 1901. It’s the only federally recognized Chumash tribe in the United States and has a tribal constitution.

In true victim fashion, Phillips, who amazingly claims to be a Pulitzer Prize nominee, received a ton of hate. His X account reveals he has deleted any tweet related to that Deadspin article and any mention of Holden Armenta. Presumably, because he’s scared of lawyers.