BBC: Climate boondoggle in Dubai is just a cover for these backstage deals


The United Arab Emirates planned to use its role as the host of UN climate talks as an opportunity to strike oil and gas deals, the BBC has learned. Leaked briefing documents reveal plans to discuss fossil fuel deals with 15 nations.

The UAE allegedly planned to use COP28 to sign fossil fuel deals by discussing oil and gas agreements with 15 countries during the conference. Faking its climate chops to push expansion of fossil fuels.

The UN body responsible for the COP28 summit told the BBC hosts were expected to act without bias or self-interest. The UAE team however, did not deny using COP28 meetings for business talks, and said “private meetings are private”. BBC

Just more hypocrisy from the virtue-signaling globalists hellbent on starving, freezing and imprisoning us. In the post below you probably get the gist of what a wanker might be – and its nowhere more deserved than from the people who made their money from oil trying to secretly convince us they’re against it.