Ever liked a Trump Tweet or Facebook post? Beware.


If you did, then they’re after you.

Special Counsel Jack Smith seems to think you could be a domestic terrorist, or at least a co-conspirator.

And he’s after you

This is just the best example of current American jurisprudence at its finest.

That pesky old Constitution won’t be in their way anymore.  They just demand things they have no legal right to access, and the leftist courts will give them the OK.

It’s so sad.

This once-great nation, built by giants on the foundation of the finest governing document in history, is being destroyed, piece by piece, by power-hungry leftists and their allies in the courts.

It doesn’t matter whether you obey every law. The government’s definition of a “bad” guy is extraordinarily broad, and it results in the warrantless surveillance of innocent, law-abiding Americans on a staggering scale.

In addition, the White House, relying on a set of privacy loopholes, has been sidestepping the Fourth Amendment by paying AT&T to allow federal, state, and local law enforcement to access—without a warrant—the phone records of Americans who are not suspected of a crime.

This goes way beyond the NSA’s metadata collection program.

Operated during the Obama, Trump and now the Biden presidencies, this secret dragnet surveillance program (formerly known as Hemisphere and now dubbed Data Analytical Services) uses its association with the White House to sidestep a vast array of privacy and transparency laws.

According to Senator Ron Wyden, Hemisphere has been operating without any oversight for more than a decade under the guise of cracking down on drug traffickers.