Feminist non-profit tells women and girls to suck it up.


This outfit is choked by the woke. Far from advancing the cause of women it has tied itself in philosophical knots to hold them back. This is Orwellian manipulation at its finest.

It boasts on its website:

The National Women’s Law Center advances gender justice — working across issues that are central to the lives of women and girls. We use the law in all its forms to change culture and drive solutions toward gender equity. The Supreme Court Needs an Ethical Code of Conduct.

Our Impact

The Center has been a leader in the landmark legal and public policy advances that have dramatically improved the lives of women and their families for 50 years.

And now?

Someone needs to tell her that consent is not transferable.

Her statement says:
To begin, transgender, nonbinary, and intersex students must be able to fully access education as they’re full selves; Title IX guarantees no less. Discrimination against students because of transgender status or sex characteristics is sex discrimination, as underscored by many years of federal court decisions and the Department’s June 2022 proposed Title IX rules. Title IX’s broad mandate unequivocally encompasses LGBTQI+ students’ protection from harassment, mistreatment, and all forms of discrimination in education suffered simply for being who they are. Transgender, nonbinary, and intersex students must be able to fully access education as their full selves; Title IX guarantees no less…

We at NWLC know unequivocally that trans women and girls, and intersex women and girls, are women and girls who deserve the full benefits and opportunities intended by Title IX. We say this in unison with dozens of coalition groups committed to gender justice.

Second, these policies reinforce a false binary by assuming that those assigned male at birth are inevitably and inherently athletically superior and those identified as female are inherently weaker and less athletic.