Did this tough question end Hayley’s run for nomination?


So this week was a bit of a mixture of fortunes for Nikki Hayley, the Industrial Military Complex’s pin-up gal.

The bad news

Last night she had her rear-end handed to her during the GOP’s televised debate when Vivek Ramaswamy (who was on fire 🔥 and roasted Chris Christie like a campfire weenie) took a big gamble and claimed she couldn’t name three provinces in a country we’re paying to support/destroy.* It paid off. As she is a former ambassador to the United Nations, a foreign policy card she plays regularly, it made her look ill-informed and a lightweight.

The good news

She’s still the most likely contender to make it through to face Trump, the front runner for the nomination.

Billionaire LinkedIn co-founder and Democratic donor Reid Hoffman gave $250,000 to support her presidential primary campaign.

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has urged business leaders and “liberal Democrats” last week to support Haley as “a choice on the Republican side that might be better than Trump.”

New Hampshire billionaire Frank Laukien, who has donated to both Republicans and Democrats over the years, also recently endorsed Haley and co-founded a new super PAC, “Independents Moving the Needle,” designed to sway independents to support her.

The Charles Koch-backed super PAC Americans for Prosperity Action (which reportedly raised $70 million in the first half of the year, including $25 million from billionaire Koch and his nonprofit groups) has endorsed Haley.

Other billionaires who previously expressed support for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign are now considering backing Haley, including Citadel hedge fund founder Ken Griffin and Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone, who recently described Haley to CNBC as the only GOP candidate who has a chance at beating Trump. Donor information from Forbes.

During the debate both DeSantis and Ramaswamy tried to paint her as a stooge for wealthy backers and hidden interests.

“Nikki will cave to those big donors when it counts,” said DeSantis, adding that she would be “very weak” on China because of their influence.  Ramaswamy attacked her for serving on the board of Boeing and tried to drill down into other connections. It is well known she met recently with Larry Fink, head of BlackRock, the “hidden in plain sight” globalist weapon of woke destruction.

*Name those oblasts!