Woman Looking for Christmas Decor Finds Missing Husband’s Mummified Body

An autopsy released earlier this year explains what happened to a Troy, Illinois, man who was found deceased in his home months after being reported missing.

Richard Maedge died by suicide, according to a report from Madison County Coroner Steve Nonn that was released Thursday. 

Maedge’s wife, Jennifer, reported him missing on the afternoon of April 27, 2022. She told Troy police she last spoke with him the day before. Richard Maedge called his wife and said he was leaving work early. When his wife arrived home, Richard Maedge was gone, but his car was parked outside, and his wallet and keys were left behind.

Troy police initially searched the home but found no trace of him.

Kelly Rogers, the county’s chief deputy coroner, said police described the residence as a “hoarder home.” While searching the house, police noticed a “sewer-like” odor inside the residence. Jennifer Maedge called the police again sometime later to report an odor. Troy police searched the home a second time and, while they did not find any remains, noticed the odor was the same.

Then, on Dec. 11, Jennifer made a harrowing discovery while looking for Christmas decorations in a storage area under a stairway.

Jennifer found her husband’s mummified body.

Richard’s brother-in-law, Van Toliver, voiced his concerns during a city council meeting in December. “I talked to Jenn, his spouse, and she said that detectives never searched the house; it was patrol cops. … Me and my wife have called on numerous occasions complaining about the odor coming from the house and the flies.”

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