This proposed Amendment to the Constitution could change everything (which is why the Democrats hate it.)


This is a timely call to amend the United State Constitution to apportion representation for US citizens only. Currently, Congressional districts factor in citizens and noncitizens when they are being drawn up. This possibly explains why so many illegal immigrants coming over the border head for major blue cities currently experiencing population flight to the suburbs and other states. Illegals are being encouraged to head to these destinations and boost the numbers for the Census and the Congressional districting program.

If you believe that Congressional districts should be drawn based on the population of US citizens only and that the Census should specifically count US citizens for apportionment of representation, you should call your Member of Congress and encourage them to co-sponsor this Bill, H.J. Res 37.

Remember, only US citizens are represented by the US Congress as only US citizens are legally permitted to vote. Doesn’t it make sense that the Congressional district should represent their interest and not a large influx of noncitizens?