All eyes on Korea as island shelled


Kim Jong Un has ordered his military to prepare for potential war, emphasizing the importance of nuclear-attack capabilities on Seoul. Plans include deploying three new spy satellites, ramping up military drone production, and enhancing their nuclear arsenal. Washington’s strategic military deployments in the region were cited as provocations by Pyongyang.

The North Korean leader ordered a military arsenal build-up to prepare for a war that can “break out any time” on the peninsula. Meanwhile, North Korea actually fired artillery towards South’s islands, prompting evacuations. South Korea condemned the move as an ‘act of provocation that escalates tension and threatens peace on the Korean Peninsula’.

Kim lambasted the United States during a lengthy speech at the end of five days of year-end party meetings that set his country’s military, political and economic policy decisions for 2024.

The meeting announced plans for further military development in the coming year, including launching three more spy satellites, building unmanned drones and developing electronic warfare capabilities, as well as strengthening nuclear and missile forces, according to the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). This comes on the heels that North Korea is supplying missiles to Russia for its Ukrainian offensive. Commentators believe there is a real possibility of an Axis of Evil forming between Iran, Russia and North Korea.

At the end of December, South Korea held rare military defense drills that simulated an attack by North Korea on Seoul — replicating some of the tactics that Hamas used against Israel on October 7.