This is happening on just one block in a Blue city

The collapse of Western civilization is in front of us. No one is voting for this. Our votes at this point are meaningless. Decisions are not being made by elected officials except in the very broadest sense, and generally to rubber stamp an idea that has been brought to them by their “advisors”, the corrupted bureaucrats, planted and nurtured over the years by the embedded leftist culture in bureaucracies everywhere.

Decisions regarding budget allocations, school rules, police responsibilities, environmental restrictions, our personal use of landfill, gas, water, green spaces, etc. are not being made by elected representatives. They are being made by the unelected bureaucrats, who follow surveys, reports and policies spewed out by global organizations hellbent on reducing the human population through starvation, cold, abortion/contraception/neutering, the transfer of wealth and a lack of housing.

Naturally, blue cities blame red policies. Frankly, we’re surprised they didn’t work Trump into this one.

Anarchy is obviously the aim. Then they can introduce martial law “for the common good”

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