Georgia DA’s affair exposes White House connection and persecution


    In the Trump Georgia case it appears there is an alleged sexual relationship between the special prosecutor Nathan Wade and DA Fani Willis. Wade was brought on to pursue the case against President Trump in the Georgia courts. One of the defendants, Michael Roman, has filed that the case should be dismissed and “moves this Honorable Court for an order striking the special purpose grand jury report and dismissing the criminal indictment in its entirety against Mr. Roman on the grounds that the entire prosecution is invalid and unconstitutional because the Fulton County district attorney never had legal authority to appoint the special prosecutor, who assisted in obtaining both grand jury indictments. As a result, both indictments contain structural errors and irreparable defects and should be dismissed in their entirety as to Mr. Roman.”

    The filing goes on with this bombshell: “Mr. Roman also moves the Court for an order disqualifying the district attorney, her office, and the special prosecutor from further prosecuting the instant matter on the grounds that the district attorney and the special prosecutor have been engaged in an improper, clandestine personal relationship during the pendency of this case, which has resulted in the special prosecutor, and, in turn, the district attorney, profiting significantly from this prosecution at the expense of the taxpayers.

    Meanwhile, in the Fulton County Employment handbook it says:

    An employee may not supervise or hire a person with whom he or she is having a personal relationship. An employee may not work in a position where he or she has influence over the terms and conditions of the employment of a person with whom he or she has a personal relationship. Employees who work in the same department are required to report the personal relationship to their supervisor. Failure to comply with this policy can lead to discipline, including termination.

    Why was Wade meeting with White House Counsel?

    Nathan Wade is a private attorney with the Atlanta-based Wade & Campbell Firm, who assisted DA Fani Willis in securing the Georgia grand jury indictment against former President Donald Trump. They enjoyed romantic trips away together, the document alleges at the taxpayers expense. In the court document asking to disqualify Willis and Wade from the case and toss out his charges, Roman alleged that the special prosecutor and DA had an ongoing fling before he was hired in the case. The document claimed Nathan Wade filed for divorce in Cobb County a day after his first contract with Willis began in November 2021.

    Original filing here: