She stole $100 million so who the h*ll is minding our store???


I’m struggling to believe this one.

My old accounting professor used to say in reference to whoever was handling petty cash:  Take some, but leave a little for me.

We’re used to stories about criminality.

We’re in that place as a nation.

Organized gangs invade high-end stores and steal the stuff they see Kardashians repping online.

Thieves rob gas stations, convenience stores and even occasionally banks.

I’ve never really understood it.  If you’re gonna stick a gun in someone’s face and maybe deal with the consequences, make it worthwhile.  A few hundred from a gas station or even a few thousand from a bank isn’t really worth hard time in prison — at least to my mind.

I’ve always thought, if you’re going to steal make it worthwhile (maybe run for Congress?).

This woman had it right.

In early December 2023, a federal grand jury indicted a former civilian government worker, Janet Mello, on charges that she stole more than $100 million intended for a 4-H program for children of military families. The IRS discovered the alleged scheme and partnered with the Army to investigate, according to court documents.

She stole $100 Million from the Army! She bought 30 homes, luxury cars and jewelry through the seven-year-long scheme.

Now that is an amount of money that may be worth the consequences.

But how in the name of all that’s holy could she get away with it?

Does nobody pay any attention at all?

This went on for six years!

That’s $100 Million of our hard-earned tax dollars.  And nobody cared enough to exercise any kind of oversight.

That’s real money.

The U.S. government pisses away a ton of money every year.  They overpay for a lot of things.  But this one is pure theft.  And nobody cared enough to catch her.