Fani Willis went to church and played her victim cards.


Instead of addressing the corruption allegations for paying $650K to her lover, Fani Willis says she’s only being questioned because she’s a black woman.

Didn’t we see this at Harvard recently? Let us hope we see the same result and she resigns. But judging by her recent church performance in Atlanta, as seen below we probably shouldn’t hold our breath. Remember, she allegedly broke up her boyfriend’s marriage and paid him $650k to investigate President Trump.

Watch as she plays her hand of victim cards by citing both her gender and color as excuses for her corruption and immorality.

You cannot expect a black woman to be perfect and save the world,” she said. This is the exact opposite of what we are told to expect from strong black women and the fact she has used these factors as excused to defend her behavior will doubtless offend and shock many from the black community, as well as setting back the advancement of young women of color who may have seen her as a role model.