WEF weirdo says something odd about Trump


We feature this man occasionally. He is a globalist. He works closely with Klaus Schwab. He is one of Barack Obama’s favorite authors. He has a low opinion of humanity considering us “hackable”, dispensable and largely irrelevant. Much of his intellectual bandwidth is exercised by thinking of ways the global powers will suppress, manipulate or eliminate us. But here he senses a force in the universe that goes against them. It is no other than Donald Trump.

Harari seems to now acknowledge that globalist viewpoints, including his own, are becoming increasingly unpopular. When asked the question, “Are you concerned that Trump might be elected again shortly?”, Harari responded, “I think it’s very likely.”

He went on, “… and if it happens [Trump is elected], it is likely to be the kind of like the death blow to what remains of the global order.”

Read this thread for the highlights from this interview. The entire interview is posted below. Maybe there is hope for us all. Trump needs to be very, very careful. These people are ruthless.

Yuval Noah Harari: An Urgent Warning They Hope You Ignore. More War Is Coming!

0:00 Intro 2:15 What Is Your Mission, and What Is Your Warning to the World? 07:58 Is This the End of Humanity as We Know It? 12:29 Connecting Computers to Human Brains 15:11 What Are Your Concerns About AI? 27:35 The Dangers of AI to the Financial System and Governments 37:56 Do Humans Have Free Will, and Will AI Take It from Us? 45:41 The Problems of AI Forging Relationships with Humans 52:42 Are We Happy? 55:42 Fighting Immortality and Its Consequences 01:00:00 Will Bioengineering Create Different Social Classes and Types of People? 01:06:30 Will AI Take Over Our Jobs? 01:12:06 What Should We Teach Our Children to Be Prepared for the Future? 01:14:29 We’re Entering a Scary New Era. 01:19:31 What Should We Do to Stop/Change the Trajectory We’re Heading Towards? 01:22:05 The Importance of Disconnecting from Information 01:27:10 What Media Corporations Want from You 01:30:16 We Need More Boredom in the World and Politics 01:36:49 Is There Hope for Humanity? 01:40:07 The Importance of History for Our Future 01:43:34 The Last Guest Question