VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi’s Special Agent Caught in Perjury



    Thanks to new House Speaker Mike Johnson, We now have permission to release Capitol CCTV footage proving that a member of Nancy Pelosi’s security detail, Special Agent David Lazarus, perjured himself on the stand during the Oath Keepers trial.

    • Lazarus was brought in to corroborate another Capitol police officer’s account claiming that he had antagonistic encounter with the Oath Keepers. But footage of Lazarus proves that he was lying.
    • These lies, spread unquestioningly by the media and Democrat politicians, were used to put innocent people in prison, ruining their lives and the lives of their families. They and their attorneys did not have access to the footage at trial that Blaze Media is releasing today.
    • Instead, Harry Dunn was made a hero by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, and as a result of his and David Lazarus’s false testimony, there are innocent people in prison.
    • The government lied about this. What else are they lying about?

    Watch it all here: