BOMBSHELL: Witchfinder Jack Smith accused of concealing evidence, working with Biden Admin…


Former President Donald Trump’s lawyers have alleged that special counsel, aka the Witchfinder General, Jack Smith concealed evidence about his office’s collaboration with the Biden administration.

In a 68-page Wednesday filing (below) in the Florida case (That’s the one where they’re having conniptions about his unsafe handling of documents despite ignoring Biden’s mishandling.), Trump’s attorneys have claimed they have obtained heavily redacted documents through a Freedom of Information Act request revealing “politically motivated operatives in the Biden Administration and the National Archives and Records Administration” who have been involved in pushing the classified documents probe since 2021.

The filing states that they will, “dispute at trial the contentions by the Special Counsel’s Office that Mar-a-Lago was not secure and that there was a risk that materials stored at those premises could be compromised.” Didn’t Biden have his papers in his open garage?