Leaked docs warn of WWIII as NATO allies do this


    Germany’s Bild, the largest circulation newspaper in Europe, has claimed to have obtained classified documents from the Bundeswehr labelled “Classified Information – For Official Use Only” in which the Defence Ministry lays out details for a possible “path to conflict” between Russia and NATO beginning as soon as next month.

    Under the scenario laid out by the German military, the Kremlin would begin a mobilisation of 200,000 soldiers in February and launch renewed efforts to capture the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, which it failed to do so at the outset of the invasion in 2022. This would be followed by a series of cyber attacks and other forms of hybrid warfare waged by Moscow intended to destabilise the Baltic states.

    This is happening as NATO ‘celebrates’ its 75th birthday will a months long exercise involving 30 countries. Steadfast Defender military exercises begin next week with the aim to assess their ability to fight an enemy like Russia. The training will start next week. They will be the largest joint exercises since the Cold War. About 90,000 soldiers will take part in the maneuvers, which will last until May.

    Yesterday, the exercises were announced in a Joint Press Conference by the Chair of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer with Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Christopher Cavoli and Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, General Chris Badia. The speech in full is here. This is an extract:

    “Today is the 694th (!) day of what Russia thought would be a 3-day war.

    Ukraine has prevailed as a sovereign independent nation in Europe. They are closer to the Euro-Atlantic family than ever. And they have inflicted heavy losses on Russia: For example, more than 300,000 Russian casualties (killed and wounded). For example, thousands of Russian tanks and armoured vehicles and hundreds of planes have been destroyed.

    The Ukrainians have been able to liberate significant parts of their territory, pushing back the Russians from roughly 50% of what they occupied at the beginning of the war. Another gain is that the Ukrainians have been able to conduct deep strikes, destroying key Russian capabilities.

    The fact that Ukraine has been able, without a real navy, to push back the Russian Black Sea Fleet and open up a grain corridor is another huge gain.

    All military leaders around the table affirmed their strong commitment to helping our Ukrainian brothers and sisters defend themselves. This is not charity. Support to Ukraine is a direct investment in our own security.

    The only way to get a lasting, negotiated solution is to strengthen the Ukrainian position on the battlefield.

    Meanwhile, the German military’s planning assumptions suggest that Russia might use border conflicts as a pretext to deploy troops to western Russia, Belarus, and Kaliningrad, with medium-range missiles and troop buildups along the Polish and Lithuanian borders. They predict a border conflict in the Suwałki Gap in December 2024, while the US is distracted by the transition between presidencies and a new Congress, and Russia will seize the Gap, leading to a full-scale war between the West and Russia by the summer of 2025.

    With growing concerns of a Third World War, global leaders, with the notable exception of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, are sticking their fingers in their ears and going “la,la,la,la”. Investors in the “military industrial complex” and the West’s obsession with war are ensuring our money is being spent in Ukraine and overseas as our stocks are being depleted. This is the perfect scenario for the weapons industry. They get to restock our inventory AND sell to all sides in a war. The globalist elites and the swamp dwellers all get rich and we kicked kicked in the teeth.