WTF, WEF? A coughing witch?


    Dear God, their virtue signaling knows no bounds. So this is real. It’s an indigenous shaman summoning up some imagined power and coughing it all over the panel of globalists. I thought they frowned on that kind of thing.

    Watch as this woman introduced as Chief Putanny from the Yawanawá tribe of the Amazon passes along the podium coughing on speakers.

    She did not who did not disclose the meaning of the ‘prayer’ and ‘blessing’ she performed over some of the world’s most powerful leaders so if tomorrow all the investors in logging companies die, we’ll know why!

    The World Economic Forum is a cabal of billionaires and politicians who think they can run the world better than whoever is in charge now. But when they say run it, they mean every micro aspect of it.

    Silly ideas like banning wood fires in Canada or forbidding gas stoves in the U.S. all have their origin there.

    And they are the ones who are hellbent on depopulating the Earth.  And making the rest of us eat bugs while they dine on Waygo beef and caviar.

    They have co-opted so many of the world’s politicians that the Davos meeting looks a lot like a meeting of the G-20.

    With billionaires thrown in,

    But never fear, they now have a witch to cast good spells on them…

    Sadly this one was not real but we can dream – Warning bad language