The left says Trump has dementia because he did this. But was it to trip them up?


    Trump received a tremendous tongue lashing from the MSM for saying that Nikki was in charge of Capitol security. Even now they are using this “gaffe” as an example that the former president is “losing it” and is experiencing cognitive decline.

    Some of us believe he is far from losing it and that despite his extempore style from the podium he has thought this all through very carefully. So, why would he mix the names up? Is it because he believes the patrons of Hayley were in fact behind the J6 troubles?

    Or did he do it to get the Left to “say it out loud“? They rushed to comment that he had confused Nikki with Nancy and in so doing, admitted that Nancy Pelosi was in overall charge of the Capitol on that fateful day.

    They can’t take this back. Either Pelosi was in charge or Trump doesn’t have dementia. Which is it, lefties?