Dems so desperate they offered this guy $50K to do this!


Trevor Abney is an “influencer” on TikTok. The Democrats contacted him after he made some negative comments about the cost of living and Bidenomics. Then this happened.

Man Who Made Viral Videos Criticizing The Economy Ended Up On National Television

The Next Day He Got An Email Asking “What would your rate be to post positive videos about Joe Biden?”

They offered him $50,000 to post one video & his account only has 400k followers… We’ve been manipulated for years

“I just got a very interesting email. So for those of you who don’t know, I am a critic of the current economy. And recently, I’ve been posting my thoughts on the economy, and, and, you know, obviously, it’s not good. I’m not saying it’s Trump’s fault. I’m not saying it’s Biden’s fault.

I’m not saying it’s anyone’s fault. But obviously, Biden is president and the economy Sucks. So, you know, naturally the blame lies on him. And some of these videos of me being extremely critical of the government have gone so viral that I was literally featured at 7 PM on prime time on Fox News the other night. And this morning, I got an email from someone claiming to be from the Democratic party.

And they said, what would your rate be to post positive videos about Joe Biden? And I replied back, honestly, I know nothing about the economy. I don’t pretend to know about the economy, and I know nothing about politics and I’d rather stay out of it. After all, I’m just a normal guy. I’m not a politician.

I’m not a conservative or a liberal talking point. I’m just a normal person. So they responded back, we understand you’re not a fan of the Democrat party right now. How much would it cost? I was like, you know what?

I wonder how bad they want me to post this. It’s $50 Grand. And they said yes. For those of you that don’t know anything about social media, I have another account that’s massive. And, like, For brand deals on my 3,000,000 follower account, I get like $5 Grand.

They offer me $50 Grand for a video on this account with only like 400,000 followers? I’m not gonna lie. I was very, very tempted, but I didn’t do it.”