Fantastic explanation of why we should all be FURIOUS at Western leaders!


Alexandra Marshall @ellymelly is an Australia commentator and journalist. Here she nails the descent of the West and how we have squandered all that was good about western civilization and have left ourselves open to takeover by powers stronger and greedier than us.

Western leaders spent decades destroying patriotism and national pride – presenting them as ‘great racist evils’ that stood in the way of their Utopian ‘open borders’ socialist dream.

Turns out the socialist Utopia of open borders is a hellscape of crime, violence, and separatism.

Instead of becoming an obedient global slave force for the elite which they can rule from their unelected thrones at the UN, the people they brought in from the third world don’t want to work and seek nothing more than the total destruction of the political system that keeps our leaders in power.

At the same time, regimes like Russia, China, and the Arab world kept their national identity and now they want to expand and conquer the weak Western states while they’re in turmoil.

If nothing changes, this will trigger war.

Our Western leaders might be power-hungry psychos, but even they understand that expansionist powers will pounce on a wounded animal.

So they want us to conscript and re-establish national border lines to make sure the tax keeps flowing from the cattle class of Western citizens.

Except, who is going to fight to protect a country our education system told fighting age citizens to hate?

Schools and universities have been holding banners shouting, ‘Destroy the State!’

They’d welcome the communists – well, until they’re killed or handed a shovel for the gulag. But our kids never read a single page of history.

Instead, our kids were told, repeatedly, not to fly their nation’s flag and that pride in their home country makes them complicit in any and all historical ills used by the activist grievance industry to make tens of billions of dollar every year.

What started as a mind f- to steal taxpayer dollars from guild-ridden citizens has turned into a critical matter of national security.

Western leaders destroyed the very soul of our nations and brainwashed our children into self-loathing death cults.

Now they want them to die to stop the expansion of nearby empires our leaders deliberately empowered with trade and technology in exchange for cheap labour and cash.

I don’t know about you, but I’m furious with them.

Our weak, pathetic, traitorous leaders should be at the front if we end up in a war of their making.