Let’s invite in a bunch of criminals!


This is who we’re letting in!

We gotta know that not every one of the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens President Biden is inviting to cross our borders is an angel. Far from it.

There are thousands of “military aged” men coming in. And lots of them are looking to bring their criminal skills along with them.

As we do absolutely no vetting of these people, we know nothing about them. There are stories of hundreds of discarded identification cards and papers left just before they cross into America. If you’re a good guy and just want to make life better, why would you disguise who you really are?

Every now and then we find out what we’re letting in:

And it’s not bad enough that he and his cronies are thugs who beat up some New York cops.

The judge let them out with no bail.

I guess it’s open season on cops in New York.

And on the rest of us everywhere else.

By Bill Joseph. Reproduced with permission. Original here.