Want to see where that terrible Senate Bill is sending your money? Hint: not much of it staying here! Look!


    You can see how important we, the People are to them, right here. The swamp, corrupt foreign governments and the military industrial industry come first. It’s an America Last agenda. Lankford does not make it bipartisan.

    Most of the money is going to fight foreign wars we’re not even combatants in. Do not believe for one second this helps us on the southern border – the only benefits are to the illegal aliens.

    Also, if this monstrosity is passed spouses/children AND FINACÉS of H, L or work visa applicants will get automatic work authorization. (Page 92)

    Chickens**ts on both sides

    James Lankford of Oklahoma has lied and said the Bill does not permit 5,000 illegals per week. It does. It guarantees that up to 1.8 million illegal aliens can come over our border before it’s an emergency.