Wow, Egypt really doesn’t want Palestine’s refugees


Have you asked yourself by the Arab countries won’t take Palestinians? Is it because they know they “can’t vet them” and they don’t want “Hamas in their neighborhood”? Is it because keeping the region destabilized and focussed on Israeli violence has worked so well for their geopolitics? Or because it ties up busybodies like NATO and the UN from looking at them?

Since the war that created the Palestinian refugees in 1948 the wider Arab world has failed them. The oil boom could have spawned factories and industry, schools, colleges and a prosperous state living in harmony with Israel. Instead they kept these people in abject misery in refugee camps for generations, ultimately leading to the election of the terrorist group, Hamas.

Egypt, like Jordan and Syria, is taking no chances. Look at this wall. Donald Trump would envy it!

See that red mark? That’s Israel. Do you think the green Arab areas could take in some refugees?