Trans Pro-Hamas church shooter had done it before!


The person who opened fire Sunday in one of the country’s largest megachurches — using an AR-15 adorned with the word “Palestine” — was subject to an emergency detention order in 2016 due to mental health issues and was caught up in a fraught dispute with her ex-husband and his family, officials said Monday.

It has been revealed that AR-15-wielding suspect Jeffrey/Genesse Ivonne Moreno was arrested on weapons charges – years before opening fire at megachurch Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. Moreno, 36, was killed following Sunday’s shooting that left two people injured.

The alleged would-be assassin from El Salvador was arrested in April 2022 after police found Moreno with a weapon and was subsequently jailed before being released after two days. Cops took the gun and it was destroyed. Moreno then pleaded guilty to the offense in court, the following October.

Records from the Texas Department of Public Safety show Moreno had a string of arrests for minor offenses over the last two decades, including possession of marijuana, an assault, illegal possession of a weapon, resisting arrest and a forgery charge. In her 30s, she described herself on social media as the founder of a real-estate and financial services firm. (CNN)

After entering the massive Lakewood Church (formerly home of the Houston Rockets) on Sunday, the attack that was carried out using an AR-style rifle and ended in an exchange of gunfire with two off-duty officers. During the shooting. Moreno’s 7-year-old son was shot in the head and remains in critical condition. Currently it is not known who shot the child.

Houston police say Moreno wore a trench coat and carried a backpack. Moreno began shooting and was confronted by two off-duty officers, a Houston police officer and an agent with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, who returned fire.

The Houston police have been extremely diligent in their investigation into the correct pronouns to use for the dead criminal.

Epidemic? You decide

Colorado Springs shooter: nonbinary
Nashville school shooter: trans
Aberdeen shooter: trans
Denver school shooter: trans
Iowa school shooter: trans/genderfluid
Lakewood Church shooter: trans