Will Democrats use this rare Procedure to sneak the Foreign Aid Bill through the House?

The US Senate voted 70-29 to advance a $95 billion foreign aid package to the House, the branch of government that is nominally responsible for the country’s purse-strings. The Bill faces opposition within the House, with Speaker Mike Johnson prioritizing border security and saying it is “DOA” but the Democrats now have a plan to use an arcane practice called a “Discharge Procedure”. (Copy of explanation below).

Kinzinger – the RINO who cares more for Ukraine than America says this:

According to Congress.gov’s official rules, a discharge petition can be filed in the U.S. House when a bill is not brought to the floor after 30 days. If the petition gets a majority of signatures, which is over 218, the bill gets brought to the floor for a vote. All that is needed is for 6 or 7 House GOP members, depending on House attendance on the date, to sign the discharge petition and then vote yes on the bill. If this happens, the Ukraine bill heads to Biden’s desk to become Law.

Discharge Petition Explained