“Sustainable” – The Discarded Remains of a Wind Farm will Alarm you

Alarming footage of the discarded remains of a wind farm in Queensland, Australia. Menzies Research Centre Executive Director Nick Cater discovers a wind turbine graveyard in North Queensland has been made, with footage revealing dozens of unrecyclable wind turbines.

Contrary to the Climate Scam propaganda regurgitated by Net Zero zealots, and the trillion dollar “renewable” energy industry, wind turbines are not renewable or “green” in the slightest. Not only are these monstrosities a blight on the countryside when they’re in operation, killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of bats and birds in the process, every single year—once their working life of just 15-20 years is up, they cannot be recycled, so they end up being dumped in nature, or in landfill sites.