Mmmm, delicious, McPropylene Glycol and McMicro Plastics

What’s in a McDonalds meal. Here’s what.


  • The salads are dusted with propylene glycol to keep them crisp and fresh. This is also used in their sauces, glazes and hotcakes. Propylene glycol is a less toxic version of Ethylene Glycol which is found in antifreeze.
  • Sound appetizing? A common additive used in their food is calcium silicate, which is a white powder primarily used to prevent cement and roof tiles from caking.
  • And what about the chicken nuggets? Less than half of a chicken nugget was actually chicken and the rest was a combination of preservatives like TBHQ. TBHQ has been proven to be unsafe for consumption with side effects like loss of vision and liver failure, so try not to eat too many of them.
  • With the use of many chemicals, your meal is likely to look the same for years to come. Mold cannot grow, so when the chicken nuggets, burgers or fries are left out, they completely dry out. But it’s been a mystery as to why the buns do not get moldy. This is a little bit concerning when we think about putting this food in our bodies.

    Now that **** was crazy, but it gets worse.
  • 3 out of 10 McDonald’s drinks tested positive for fecal contamination in their ice. This would mean about 30% of the ice in your drink from McDonald’s could have elements of feces in it. Whoo. And it can cause a number of diseases. I’m so glad I don’t eat this shit. But my question is, how does feces get inside McDonald’s ice?
  • Are you tempted by the McRib? What you should know is that there are actually no ribs in this sandwich. It takes 80 ingredients to create this sweet, salty, and very fattening sandwich, including a mixture of pork tripe, heart, stomach, water, loads of salt, and sugar.

    There have been several lawsuits in the United States and Canada against them for advertising to children. On average, about 20% of McDonald’s sales are Happy Meals. Smart & Evil if you think about it considering how unhealthy and filled with additives a happy meal is. So they’ve been purposely brainwashed this since we just kids. —“