Truckers start boycott of major island city. City braces for impact and shortages.

Truckers vow to stop deliveries to New York City in protest of NY Judge Arthur Engoron’s ruling against former President Donald Trump

The current situation in New York City is tense as Truckers for Trump have announced a boycott, refusing to drive to the city in protest of the $350 million fine imposed on former President Donald Trump. This decision comes after a civil fraud case ruling last week. The boycott has garnered significant attention on social media and has been covered by various news outlets.

Truckers are expressing their disappointment with the ruling and have stated that they will not be taking loads to New York City starting on Monday. The impact of this boycott is yet to be seen, but it has the potential to disrupt the transport of goods and services to the city.

New York City authorities have not yet made any official recommendations regarding the Truckers for Trump boycott. Some truckers, and trucking companies, have already announced their intention to refuse deliveries to the city, and this could have a significant impact on the availability of various products.

New Yorkers and other liberal cities be warned, This is what happens when you elect corrupt politicians and local officials and don’t take a stand against their partisan actions. If the citizens of New York had voted for Keith Wofford when they had the chance, Trump would never have been sued in the first place.

The take from the Left – Let’s see how this X ages shall we?