Finally, questions being asked about that New York money for aliens

Yesterday, we ran a piece about the pre-loaded cards for illegal aliens that Mayor Eric Adams is doling out to illegal aliens in his sanctuary city. The NYC tax-payers and residents are not best pleased but Eric is doubling down by claiming this is a cheaper and more effective use of funds than giving these people “food they won’t eat”. The organization he has contracted with is an unknown but he brags that it is “minority owned”.

Finally, a journalist decided to actually do some, well, journalism, and started to ask some hard questions. Watch this and look for the the sly aside that the mayor likes to “surround himself with friends and acquaintances”. In liberal New York, and in the deepest bastion of Marxist thought, the mainstream media, this is a HUGE step out of line. And hopefully a sign of things to come.

BREAKING: City Council calls for an INVESTIGATION of Mayor Adams plan to give illegals $10,000 Debit Cards.

The $53 million contract would give, Mobility Capital Finance, who the NY Mayor touts as ‘Minority Owned’ lots of fees for services, including:

  • $125,000 one-time set-up fee,
  • $250,000 in annual management fees
  • $1.5 million for the first $50 million handed out
  • $2.5 million for the next $100 million.

No ID check required, No Fraud control and No Restrictions.

Councilmember Gale Brewer wants to investigate the Mayors connection to the firm and why the city issued a $53 million no-bid contract without seeing if it could get a better deal.

According to the contract, the most a card can have is $10,000, but cards will be refilled EVERY FOUR WEEKS.

The mayor insisted that part of the allure of the company was that it was a minority-owned firm.

“WMBs — you know, women- and minority-owned businesses — have historically been locked out, so I know I’m disrupting what people traditionally would like for us to do,” Adams said.

The mayor, who has a penchant for surrounding himself with friends and acquaintances, INSISTS he has no personal relationship with the owner of the company.

He said, “We don’t hang out in the Hamptons together or go to baseball games together.”

Who else thinks this needs an investigation ASAP?