How To Say “No Vaccines” To Your Pediatrician

According to Larry Cook, well-baby visits to a pediatrician is for the primary purpose of scaring parents into vaccinating their child. Pediatricians can receive significant financial bonuses when a majority of their patients are fully vaccinated on the CDC schedule and so they will say anything to scare a parent into vaccinating – a common one is that your child will die without vaccines. Although this is a lie, it is not always easy for a parent to refute doctors who lie in order to force compliance, usually with hostile and aggressive energy to boot.

The best way to handle bully energy – from anyone – is to use the “broken record technique.” This technique is when you say the same thing over and over and over again, unmoved by whatever new argument someone brings up. YOUR ARGUMENT is enough for YOUR decision. You do not need to address other arguments. This is a critical understanding when dealing with hostile energy: you be the broken record. The first thing though is that you need an argument to use. Here are two to consider:

1) You have read the manufacturer vaccine inserts, you have reviewed potential adverse reactions, and you have decided that you will not risk your child’s current health status with the potential of harm, damage or death as stated on the vaccine inserts. Of course, you do actually need to review some vaccine inserts – it is very important you do this.

So when the pediatrician then says “Well, that risk is very low,” you say, “It is not low enough for my child – I will not take the risk of damaging my child.” And then, you be the broken record when the pediatrician brings up the many other reasons to vaccinate (child will die, must protect the herd, etc., etc.). It is at this point that you must stand firm and be the BROKEN RECORD:

“I will not risk my child’s life with a vaccine that can cause that kind of damage to children.”

2) You have talked with numerous parents who have vaccine injured, vaccine damaged and/or vaccine killed children and you are unwilling to risk a similar fate with your child. In this instance, although reviewing vaccine injury and death stories is a very good idea, what you really want to do is communicate with parents who have experienced vaccine injury and death. The reason is because then instead of saying you “read it online” you can truly say, and convincingly say, you “talked with” these parents. You can find these parents in a Facebook Group or search other online communities to find these parents.

The pediatrician will give all kinds of reasons to vaccinate, and you will state over and over something along the lines of: “I have talked to too many parents who witnessed their children be damaged or killed by vaccination to allow my child to get vaccines.” Or any variation of that.

Here are a few others:
•“Thank you for the information, but we aren’t going to be vaccinating today.”
•“I appreciate your concern, but we won’t be vaccinating today.”
•“We won’t be vaccinating today but I am happy to take some material to read over when I get home.”

Do not get into a scientific discussion with the doctor unless you are very well-equipped to handle that conversation or your doctor expresses genuine interest in information you may have regarding vaccine risks.

Being a broken record and not deviating into other arguments is the way to handle this – you must be resolute and you must believe that the argument you are delivering is plenty argument for your decision, and you will not be moved.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do not give your pediatrician If/Then statements. “If you can prove to me vaccines are safe, I will consider it.” These weaken your argument and make it sound like you are unsure of your decision. In fact, you are not there to argue with your pediatrician about your decision. You are simply letting your pediatrician know your decision.

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