Illinois citizens group unearths shocking voting irregularities – Files complaint!

An Illinois citizens group has filed formal complaint with state Board of Elections after unearthing what could possibly be an elaborate election fraud scheme. American Thinker

“A couple from Illinois, Jodie and Ken Zitko, have formed a group of concerned citizens who have been analyzing the Illinois state voter database. And they have found serious irregularities.”

Some of those include 300,000 votes mysteriously deleted post election, 2.5 million votes made before the voters even registered, plus so much more!

“From April through June 2022, they also sat down with over 1,300 Illinois residents across the state and — with their consent — reviewed their 20-year voting histories.  They uncovered over 57% irregularities, including:  

  • votes cast when voters did not vote
  • votes missing when they did vote
  • voters registered and voting at addresses where they did not live
  • registrations with illogical registration dates” Read tons more at the American Thinker for this must read article!
  • Most shocking of all, 11% of the voters they interviewed with had votes cast in their name for elections they did not participate in.  

Jodie explained how voters reacted to seeing obvious errors in their personal voting data.  “It was a fairly emotionally draining experience.  As reality set in, a number of people visibly trembled; a few shed a tear or two.  I recall one particular individual young man in his early 30s.  When we asked if he wanted his history report, he insisted he didn’t need to see it because he knew his history.  After watching several others receive their reports with shocking results, he finally asked to see his.  In his case, he had a missing vote from 2020.  He was so enraged that he turned beet red, stood there for about 30 minutes, repeatedly shaking his head in disbelief.  I think he said an expletive or two.”