Most important Tucker interview yet: “The two most censored events in human history just happened…”

Scott Adams says: “This is the most extraordinary thing I have ever seen.
I’m not exaggerating. This is like a mushroom trip without the mushrooms.
Clear your schedule tonight and listen together.
In a week, everyone who has not listened to this will look like an idiot to everyone who has.…”

This is important. And long. But we all need to do our homework and stay informed.

The national security state is the main driver of censorship and election interference in the United States. “What I’m describing is military rule,” says Mike Benz. “It’s the inversion of democracy.”

Tucker Carlson invited Mike Benz, the Director of The Foundation for Freedom Online, to discuss how the Western defense and foreign policy establishment created, used, and then turned against the concept of free speech on the internet.

The censorship technologies originally intended for terrorist organizations have been weaponized against the American people.

TUCKER CARLSON: “So you’re saying the Pentagon, our Pentagon, the US Department of Defense, censored Americans during the 2020 election cycle?”

MIKE BENZ: “Yes. The two most censored events in human history, I would argue, to date, are the 2020 election and the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Benz calls artificial intelligence-based censorship technologies, which were created by DARPA to take on ISIS, “WEAPONS OF MASS DELETION.”

That technology, Benz says, has “the ability to censor tens of millions of posts with just a few lines of code.”

Benz detailed how the government-funded Virality Project identified 66 dissident narratives related to COVID-19, breaking them down into sub-claims for monitoring and censorship through machine learning models, aiming to control the spread of information harmful to official narratives or individuals like Tony Fauci.

“And whenever something started to trend that was bad for what the Pentagon wanted or was bad for what Tony Fauci wanted, they were able to take down tens of millions of posts. They did this in the 2020 election with mail-in ballots.”




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